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Email Management
Constant Contact - MailChimp Columbus

JMConsulting can help your business manage your email delivery. We build and optimize campaigns primarily on Constant Contact and MailChimp but we have worked with many others. 
  • BUILDING - We build your distribution lists from your customer lists that you have in excel or are exported from your CRM or any other source.  We can also start from scratch and get you started.  We make sure the lists are seperated and targeted properly. We also help build a schedule for sending for your company using industry best practices.
  • ENGAGEMENT - We can help you create the emails, send them out, and deliver reporting for you.  It depends on how you want to do it.  We can also provide lessons for your team in order to take over the email management yourself.  Making sure the email is built properly will result in maxiumum opens and the best engagement.
  • A/B Testing - Every email we send can be A/B testing with text, images, call to actions and anything else.  The main goal is to make the best performing email reach your customers at the right time.  
  • Just need some help?  Call us and we are happy to answer any of your questions.

Starter Package

Our starter Constant Contact or MailChimp package helps get your business on the road to effective email management.  We create your customer lists, give you a sending schedule, and help you develop that first email to send.
Only - $100 one time fee.

Continued Management

Our continued management of Constant Contact or MailChimp offers management of your distribution lists. Four emails a month, created, tested, delivered. Integration into your website, and reporting every 30 days.  
Only - $150 per month with a 6 month term.
(price can go up based on number of emails you wish to send)

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