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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing encompasses advertisign on the following platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Waze, Spotify, Reddit. Call us today to learn more 614-468-3591

The simple answer - How much does it cost?  JMC charges 20% management fee for all social media marketing.  This fee is charged against your total ad budget per ad with a minimum fee of $50.  It is suggested that ad spend be at least $150 to be effective.  Give us a call and let us help you decide which platform works best for you.

Example Facebook Lead Ad

Example Facebook Page Like Ad

Advertise On Facebook

Facebook offers a number of ad types and creative ad types. Ads can be lead ads, traffic ads, conversion ads, page growth ads, event ads, and quite a few more.  Ads can be single images, carousel slideshow, movies and with new features a Facebook ad can have multiple body texts, descriptions, and titles . We handle the full ad build for you and make sure you are hitting your demographic.  At the end of the ad we go over a report with you and deliver any leads or information needed.

Example Instagram Ad

Example Instagram Ad

Advertise On Instagram

Advertising on Instagram reach a visual, younger, and much more creative audience than Facebook.  Ads can have products in them, ads can be images or videos, you can gather leads, and you can target various demographics.  Native Instagram advertising is a great way to hit that younger demographic you are trying to reach who is highly mobile oriented.

Advertise On Twitter

Twitter is a great way to get your ads out there fast and effectively.  If your audience is on Twitter, they are highly engaged, intelligent and are easy to target with Twitters built in demographic tools. Our Twitter campaigns offer a great way to build your brand awareness quickly, and allow for easy retweeting and sharing of your ads.

Advertise On Pinterest

Pinterest is an advertising platform that is growing fast.  With a demographic about 75% female and an income bracket above 150k and college graduates, it is a great way to target a more affluent audience.  Did you know that users typically look on Pinterest before buying, and a user that pins a product is about 80% more likely to purchase it.  Pinterest is also more affordable because it is a newer ad platform.

Advertise On Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile only platform targeting a young and upcoming audience.  Ads are short videos or images and can be quite effective at reaching millenials.  Snapchat ads are very good for product target and for building brand awareness for beauty brands, medical, and fashion.  Snapchat advertising budgets start around $400 so it is a little bit costly to get started.

Advertise On Waze

Waze is a map program and it offers excellent opportunities for advertising.  Your ad can pop up on the platform as people are searching for like businesses, it can pop up as people are driving past, and its a great way to get immediate business for flash sales, and sales of the day as its targeting live as people are using it.  Waze is a newer platform but is great to incorporate into your ad package.  With more and more cars having large screens in them, Waze is a great way for instant advertising.

Advertise On Spotify

Spotify is the number one online radio platform being used today. Ad packages on spotify start at $150 and allow you to have a voice ad played while people are listening to their stations.  There is also a small image and information that appears on the phone or computer as the ad plays.  Looking for ads that hit offices, multiple listeners and great demographics. Spotify is an excellent choice.

Advertise On Reddit

Looking to target a highly intelligent and millenial audience that has a great sense of technology and humor. Reddit is the place. Great for product sales, brand awareness, and brands with a message.  Reddit provides an excellent way to reach select groups in channels and with general demographics.

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