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Take the right steps to build your social media presence.  

Starter Social Media Package

These days you HAVE to be on Social Media! Customers today expect you to be on social media, even if you just have simple pages and do not really post that often or ever. With JMConsultings Start Social Media Package we help you claim all your company profiles on each social media site and we optimize everything while we build it out.  This gets your business started on the right track in the right way.

Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest - Twitter - LinkedIn - Google My Business - SnapChat - TikTok - VSCO - VERO

What is included?

  • We create social media pages/profiles on each site that your business needs.
  • Optimize each social media page to have the right information and branding.
  • Develop all graphics you need for profile photos, cover photos, and anything else.
  • Develop your @names so you are the same across all platforms.
  • Deveop a posting schedule
  • Tie in all the social media channels to your website.
  • 30 days of posting to each social media channel to get you started.
  • Train you or your staff on what comes next.

Only $150 (one time fee). 

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